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I am a Registered Clinical Counsellorpsychotherapist offering individual, couples and family counselling and psychotherapy in Squamish, BC. 





Finding the Right Therapist is Important

Finding someone to help you when you are facing challenges can be difficult. As a psychotherapist I am often asked for my advice on what to consider when looking for a therapist. There are many types of therapists, theories, and techniques. Though it is essential that a therapist employ sound therapeutic methods, the single most important ingredient for successful counselling is compatibility. Ask yourself if you feel that your therapist can form a genuine, trusting and compassionate connection with you. Trust yourself with the answer. With the right match you can safely collaborate with your therapist and she can help guide you towards life changing results.

* Please note I am not taking new clients at this time.

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I am a registered clinical counsellor in Squamish, BC offering counselling and psychotherapy to individuals, couples and families. 


Reaching out for support from an unbiased professional takes courage. 

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